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I was GREEN when the term was not even thought of almost 30 years ago. I found that mercury was a poison and I was placing it in the teeth of human beings!  This is my evolution and where I am today both personally and professionally because I asked WHY?

Throughout my life it always seemed that I had a “healthy discontent” for the way things are.  That is not to say that I am not satisfied, it is just that I am always looking for a better way to do things.  I have always questioned the status quo. In my teen years when I was a 4 time North American figure skater always 

A Philosophy of Life & Practice

Being Green

It just made sense for me to ask why we, as patients and dentists, allow ourselves to be exposed this toxic neurological poison and how can we limit this exposure.  Hence, I did the original clinical studies while working on my patients with a Jerome 411 Mercury Vapor Analyzer to determine if there even was an exposure to mercury and the steps that could and should be taken to limit that risk of exposure.  After 3+ months of clinical studies, I presented 3 protocols (protecting the patient, doctor/staff, during hygiene procedures when polishing teeth) to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology which were accepted and published.  Since then the IAOMT has led the fight and is internationally recognized as the authority on mercury in medicine, dentistry and the environment. We have the ears of the US Congress, a reluctant ADA and FDA, and the Environmental Committee of the United Nations.

challenging myself to think outside the box so that I would be the best.  At college and dental school I became frustrated with the ridiculous and foolish ways that “things had to be done.”  Of course, why would this change once I was in practice.  Some follow the crowd, some are part of the crowd and still others are in front of the crowd.  This is my choice.

One has to appreciate that change is slow.  You can not be impatient. You really can’t change anybody but only change yourself and hope others come along for the ride or join the parade.  There is that quote to always remember: “people that we love the most, we can change the least”.  Keep this in mind during your journey.

So it is with Being Green! The following are some things that enhance and further this philosophy that I hope will it will help you in your quest for a healthier and happier life.

My development of protection protocols during mercury amalgam removal!
Digital imaging or x-rays: 2D intraoral bite-wings and eriapicals, Galileaos 2D panorex
and 3D cone beam ct scans

This device was added 20+ years ago to the office wastewater to eliminate the mercury amalgam waste drilled from teeth going into the sewer system when new restorations were needed.  It is now accepted that this mercury amalgam waste contributes up to 50% of the mercury contamination in our lake and rivers.  Even the ADA has a program encouraging their members to voluntarily use amalgam separators.

Midwest Integrative Dentistry

With digital imaging there is no longer a need for using of developing and fixing chemicals and of course, their disposal contaminating the environment.

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Mercury Amalgam Separators in my Office