Antioxidants: The confusing information about antioxidants is unraveled (ORAC values claimed by supplement and food manufacturers are explained) by these 5 videos from the August 28, 2010 issue of Dr. Mercola’s website at Please, take the time to view them and you will be glad you did!

Video 1 thru 5 are found at: When one is finished it will roll into the next on.

Biological Support

  • Food one eats: Ideally, food should provide all necessary support for body health with the exception of air and water. Much depends upon the ability of one’s body to absorb and assimilate the food we eat. Obviously, it would be best if one could eat the cleanest (organic) foods. This would minimize the intake of contaminants that one would later have to eliminate or “detoxify” from the body. Otherwise one must just cope with the consequences as most do. One is not always able to eat organically due to lack of knowing how, convenience, time, cooperation and understanding of those around us, much less, the expense.

  • Supplementation: the introduction of various nutritional components that may not otherwise be obtained thru food.  This then supports the intake of the necessary building blocks not obtained thru food for the body to be healthier. As with food, care and attention should be paid to the quality and cleanliness of one’s supplements. Generally though, “you get what you pay for.”

  • Homeopathic: remedies that help the body heal - see Homeopathy section

  • Drugs: EDTA, DMPS & DMSA are the drugs currently used to specifically target and detoxify mercury and other heavy metals in your body. The sources of mercury are: from your mercury dental fillings (most common), the food you eat (fish) or your environmental exposure (air you breathe). As drugs, they must be administered by Rx from a physician licensed to prescribe drugs and monitor your medical condition.

Biological Support: This is a term that is more descriptive than “nutrition”, in understanding how a person can better aid their body in dealing with the consequences of heavy metal and other dental material exposure before, during and after removal and replacement.  This can also be applied to any toxic or adverse exposures.  As an example: if one has a problem with valvular heart disease, like a replacement of a heart valve, then a dentist must protect or support that patient during their dental procedures from the adverse consequences of dental treatment for dental procedures shower their blood stream with organisms that could then compromise the valves of the heart. Therefore, it is recommended, in fact, is a standard of care, that the patient be protected with a Rx of antibiotics during their dental visits to prevent or minimize the potential adverse effects of bacterial exposure from their mouth during their treatments.  Along with the antibiotic regimen, probiotics are encouraged to minimize the adverse consequences of the antibiotics like the overgrowth of candida resulting in a vaginal infection or an upset of the gastrointestinal flora leading to digestive issues.

The same can be said for mercury amalgam and other dental material removal from one’s mouth.  Of course, the necessity of biological support is more or less important depending on the health history (HH) of the patient. If one’s HH is negative or very minor, then one may choose to forego any biological support. On the other hand, if one has neurological or immunological problems then it would be more important for them to minimize their exposure to the consequences of dental material removal and replacement. In the ideal world, it would be best to optimize one’s biological support.

Ways of Enhancing or Optimizing Biological Support: do not confuse this with “detoxification” which is generally a misunderstood word due to its associated with misuse of legal or illegal drugs. This is not so when used in nutrition. This is why, for dentist, “biological support” is more an appropriate description for helping one’s body cope with problems related to dental materials and/or procedures.

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