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Galileos 3D Cone Beam:

2 Dimensional  Flat Plane Digital Panoramic: allows conventional evaluation of the whole upper and lower jaw.  By the nature of the image on a flat plane the view is distorted but usable as an excellent screening picture.

The Cat's "Meow!!!!!".... WOW! What a difference!

3 Dimensional Pictures makes 2 D obsolete. No distortion, no overlaying structures. Hence, a much more accurate diagnosis.

3 Dimensional CT Cone Beam Digital Imaging: allows detailed head and neck view from your front, side and top in 0.3 mm increments with NO distortion. Now all structures of your head and neck can be evaluated if healthy or diseased including any present or missing teeth areas, upper & lower jaw, TMJ’s integrity, sinuses, nasal passages, airway, top 3 cervical vertebrae, & nerve canals . This is incredibly valuable information to see the locations of structures in dealing with infections, tumors, future implant possibilities & placement and bone density & much more. The 3 Dimensional CT scan is for office use only.

​Digital X-Rays

Digital Imaging & more..

Dental Implant Planning with Galileos and Sirona

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2 Dimensional Flat Plane Digital Panoramic

Bite Wing: the imaging of individual or groups of teeth for decay detection between teeth and under fillings or crowns and to see bone loss from gum disease.

Periapical: (around the apex or tip of the tooth) for evaluation of the whole tooth and surrounding areas for infections, root canals, foreign objects and gum disease and other pathologies.