Midwest Integrative Dentistry

Ethics, Licensure  & Biological Dentistry

The code of ethics of the ADA and State of Illinois say that you cannot have your mercury fillings replaced if they contain mercury which “may” be a poison but you may replace them if you do not like the way they look. 

The ADA also has a Safe Handling Practices Program.  In this program they discuss the dangers for dentist and staff of improperly handling, storage and disposal of a hazardous waste called mercury amalgam because of its mercury content.  The disposal program includes the proper elimination of this hazardous waste thru a licensed waste disposal company with appropriate legal paper work trail showing proper disposal. Of course they do not address how this same mercury amalgam is “safe” in your teeth in your mouth!

That same code of ethics also says that it is my obligation to share with the public and my patients the results of medical research. The key is “to be on the dull side of the cutting edge”.  There is no reason for me to say to you that removal of your filling may have favorable a medical result for you.

Medical research, much of it found in this web site does just that.  I only point out that if such research applies to your health history you should be free to make a decision about your mercury fillings. 

I am a dentist not a physician and cannot and do not practice medicine. I can, however, share with you the medical science that sheds light on how biological dentistry may have a positive effect on your health.  I do believe that it is unethical not to share this information with you.  You must be able to choose what is best for you! It is the ultimate of true informed consent and the essence of biological dentistry.