Midwest Integrative Dentistry

We always welcome new patients to our practice!
We offer trusted, comfortable & affordable dental care!
We have convenient appointments before & after work or school!
Emergencies are always welcome!

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No cost on preventive care for most new & returning INSURED patients! ***

  • FREE!  Cleaning & Polishing
  • FREE!  Welcome Exam & X-rays
  • FREE!  Children's Exam, Cleaning & X-rays
  • FREE!  10 minute verbal second opinion/consultation


Cash Prices: We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover Card, Care Credit, Citi Health and select payment plans.

  • Cleaning & Polishing - $77
  • Welcome Dental Exam & X-rays - $67
  • Children's Exam, Cleaning & X-rays - $106

Wellness Program! 

This is a special program if you do not have insurance which is a significant discount for preventive care and a 10% discount on any other care.  Ask for specific details.


We work with all insurance and yours works well here!  My expert staff will do everything they can to maximize your coverage.

With insurance, your routine maintenance exam, cleaning and yearly bite wing x-rays are FREE (unless you have a mandatory co-pay, deductibles, co-insurance and any owed percentages).

If you do not have insurance, ask about the details of our popular Wellness Program which includes a 10% discount on any additional services. We have a Family Wellness Plan too!

New Patient Information

Call for your appointment & more details

(847) 659-8500

*** If you have insurance where a co-pay is not required, your exam, x-rays and cleaning will be at no cost to you.
If  your insurance requires a co-pay, deductible, co-insurance and any percentages, you must pay a small out-of-pocket cost.  offer includes all allowable benefits.

More Complex Issues:

You may require a more detailed exam and x-rays.  We then tailor the exam to your needs.  

If you feel this may be the case for you, let us know when you call.  Shari or Alma can help with any 
concerns you may have.  

This Is Especially Important If You Are Calling About: 

Mercury amalgam fillings or silver fillings, root canals, cavitations, implants, gum disease, TMJ /head & neck pain or need any other special treatments.